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NA STRANI – Organization Q and Irfan Redžović, BiH

Portraits of twenty citizens of BiH with different identities - lesbians, gays, fags, trans, FtM, queer-friendly, heterosexual, and other persons, will open the Festival with their public coming out and a personal message about what coming out in public means to them. They come from Mostar, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka... The idea, inspired by the compilation of works about sexuality Na-strani, is accomplished thanks to the pride and courage of the persons in front of the lens and their endless desire to live their lives and identities freely and without fear of violence.

Opening at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Obala Maka Dizdara 3, Sarajevo September 24 at 8 PM The exhibition will be open for public during September 24-28, 2008, from 12-6 PM


METAL – Alma Selimović, Organization Q, Sarajevo, BiH

Metal statues symbolize playing with and deconstucting the usual, typical and standardized, and also assumed concepts of ‘male’ and 'female' - body, identity, roles, expression, norms... The aspiration of the artist is to free the statues, from social concepts and norms, but not necessarily to create someone else's identity.

It is a greater challenge to have freedom and choice and to find oneself, than to follow social norms and be what society expects us to be. The goal is to show an area of freedom and choice in which one participates in creating oneself, and not in reproducing the existing norms and roles. It will be interesting to observe the reactions of people and their understanding of the entire concepts because, while I was making the statues, I had no ‘end goal’ in mind given that nor I or society can determine final goals. This can be done only by a person who is a focus to itself. Why metal? Because I don't want to label the statues as a product to which I give meaning. I'm going to the core of people and the core of what I'm making. They have no names, histories, just what they're made of. That's where their story begins.