LOBOTOM VS PENIS – Husein Oručević, Mostar, BiH  & Logos, BiH                  

LOBOTOM has managed,  through long-term brain research, to come  by very important results that tell  us in detail about how the  elastic and sponge like Corpus  Phalus has taken over almost  all functions of the human  brain. With this evolutionary turning  point, all  the  functions of rational behavior in a human  are momentarily trapped by the  self-will of the Phalus  and  transformed in a dimension of  the syndrome of "lift-motion."

Today, "lift-motion" decreases  the possibility for long-term concentration of humans, it  is one of the basic disturbances  to more long-term relationships between people  of different  sexual orientations, marriage  is  jeopardized  because  of  it, spermatozoids  have  become  the basic  product of more long-term human work, while parties, social  gatherings, drunkenness and  watching games are jeopardized  by the continuous interruptions  created by the self-will of the  "penis dictatorship”! Super hero Lobotom initiates a  fight for salvation and preservation of endangered subcultural groups which still resist the syndrome of "lift-motion".        

More at  http://www.okcabrasevic.org

LILI HANDEL – Ivo Dimchev, Bulgaria/Netherlands                                           

An amazing stage phenomenon and the ability to transform body  and voice make Lili Handel and  its author Ivo Dimchev an  unforgettable event. How we perceive body on stage, how we  reduce it to fun and profit, and  how we defend and uplift it above  time? In her glory days, Lili  Handel was probably desirable both from men and women...  However, the shine and glamour  have disappeared, and she has  been turned into a characterless, asexual creature trying to bring  back old glory days... Her story is directed at human anxiety caused  by the transience of time and the  attempt to slow it down... (Tamas Jaszay).

The performance won the  award for best acting at the MASK  Festival, Szeged, Hungary, 2005.

More at http://www.ivodimchev.com/lili.htm

Sunday, September 28 at 9 PM,  Theater CDA/SARTR, Gabelina 16, Sarajevo



Viva La Diva, the first official drag queen in Serbia, started her career just to break down an additional taboo and "conspiracy of keeping quiet",  "holy fear" (taboo - holy fear in Polinesian, Freud, Sexology, totem and taboo) of crossing over gender and other boundaries. She started her career with a performance at Women's Studies with Žarana Papić, thinking that the feminists will devour her, but they  didn't, they even applauded her warmly. Since then  she has often presented herself as a feminist with  hairy legs. She only opens her mouth, but is really talking with her own voice, singing, breathing, and  playing... with stereotypes of what drag queens are supposed to do. She is famous for saying:  Everything  is drag... and nearly all straight men are drag queens. Well, no one is a better performer than they are,  just think of the amount of effort they invest to play out their role day after day... that should be  appreciated.

 In Sarajevo, for the first time Viva La Diva will present herself with two performances:


You're expecting a party, aren't you? Well, it's just a drag queen's peformance... Jokes, gags, sketches... about sex... for the most part. This is a glamorous (anti)intellectual parody/parodies on growing up in  Belgrade and the first attempts at being the queen of a primary school, panic attacks, and a little diva in a country of great repressive miracles, and entering and crossing behind the mirror, and the eternal issue how to survive ?



Believe that words and thoughts can cure, heal, transform! Drag Queen pays hommage to the Queen of the New Age! Viva La Diva has always worked therapeutically, to heal, but with innovation too.  A  new  form of activism based on the role model of Louise Hay  apply affirming and power to repel homo/ bi/transphobia, heterosexism and heteronormativity, discrimination and violence! We can heal the planet if we gain insight into the power within us  and this performance gives us all the necessary techniques to create the world we want to live in.

Just a step to enlightenment with  Viva La Diva!


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